Why I Designed The WinePort Tasting Room for My Own Backyard

People often ask me why I designed The WinePort Tasting Room.

After years of visiting tasting rooms all across the Pacific Northwest, I finally had enough of drafty barns, cold stone cellars and dusty dirt roads. I wanted a place that was warm and cozy, where I could relax with my friends. That’s why I invented The WinePort.

This space is engineered exclusively for wine lovers! I’ve added lots of features that I always wanted in a tasting room, such as the curved bar and pass-thru portal. The portal is a flip-down window between the bar and patio, so that one bartender or sommelier may serve guests both inside and out.

I’ve always loved bubbles (especially in a glass of Prosecco!) so that’s why I designed the windows over the bar as a pattern of playful bubbles. For the windows at the seating end, I wanted more of a sanctuary feeling, so I designed tall, elegant windows. Because my deck at home has a grape-vine covered pergola, the glass in these windows will have a grape leaf motif along the lower third. This creates a soft, dappled light reminiscent of light filtering through the leaves.

I plan to bring The WinePort to market very soon. That way, all of us wine lovers may enjoy this delightfully comfortable environment for tasting wine in our own backyard!

Annette Orban

I’m an inventive designer who creates brands to get noticed. My designs are backed up by competitive research before ever putting pen to paper (on the back of a bar napkin). I enjoy creating packaging design for the food & beverage industry. A love of organic architecture has drawn me into architectural projects. My latest project is The WinePort: A Portable Tasting Room, that I built in my own backyard.

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