The Long, Bumpy Road from Model to Reality

WinePort Model to Reality

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here. (Talk about not updating your blog!) The step-by-step process of building The WinePort Tasting Room has been well-documented on my Facebook page. Now that construction is complete, I can pause to reflect on what a long, bumpy road it’s been.

I accomplished so much during the initial building phase; more than I believed I could do on my own, with no background in architecture or construction! But at a certain point, I needed professionals. After a few misses with various handyman services, I finally found a contractor with a 3-person crew that worked together like a well-oiled machine.

Many details are still to be finished: staining the upright exposed beams, installing the carpet tiles, and upholstering the built-in sectional sofa/chairs. But for today, I rest, relax and enjoy a glass of wine in my beautiful backyard tasting room!

Annette Orban

I’m an inventive designer who creates brands to get noticed. My designs are backed up by competitive research before ever putting pen to paper (on the back of a bar napkin). I enjoy creating packaging design for the food & beverage industry. A love of organic architecture has drawn me into architectural projects. My latest project is The WinePort: A Portable Tasting Room, that I built in my own backyard.

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