Wouldn’t you love this tasting room in your own backyard?

Oh sure, it would make a great writer’s retreat, tea house, craft room, or painting studio. But your own private tasting room? A place to entertain friends and raise a glass? Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!

The WinePort portable tasting room features a curved bar, comfy seating with below-seat wine storage, and a round pass-thru window so a single bartender (or sommelier) can just as easily serve guests on the patio.

With beautiful French doors both front and back, your guests can move easily from inside bar to outdoor patio and keep the wine & conversation flowing. So even with the smaller footprint, guests never feel boxed in. Sectional seating can be linked together at bottom to create a sofa or individually arranged as cushy chairs.
WinePort Tasting Room Ext 11
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Annette Orban

I’m an inventive designer who creates brands to get noticed. My designs are backed up by competitive research before ever putting pen to paper (on the back of a bar napkin). I enjoy creating packaging design for the food & beverage industry. A love of organic architecture has drawn me into architectural projects. My latest project is The WinePort: A Portable Tasting Room, that I built in my own backyard.

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