The WinePort Tasting Room


Are you a winemaker looking to add a tasting room?

The WinePort portable tasting room instantly creates an inviting, stylish and comfortable atmosphere to attract customers. It is an alternative to a costly, year-long construction project or the drafty barn setting.

The affordable WinePort tasting room easily moves with the seasons to the preferred location on your property. It can be placed on the ideal site to increase customer visits and accommodate guest parking.

The WinePort comes with convenient built-in storage, display and merchandising solutions that make it a natural profit center. The strategic placement of doorways allows customers who have already been served to move easily to the outdoor courtyard, encouraging the flow of new customers.

The curved bar increases friendly customer interactions, while the pass-through window allows a single bartender to wait on multiple clients both inside and outside on the courtyard.

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Annette Orban

I’m an inventive designer who creates brands to get noticed. My designs are backed up by competitive research before ever putting pen to paper (on the back of a bar napkin). I enjoy creating packaging design for the food & beverage industry. A love of organic architecture has drawn me into architectural projects. My latest project is The WinePort: A Portable Tasting Room, that I built in my own backyard.

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